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We’re a small family shop following our passion. In spring 2015 I followed my dream and made the leap to outfitting, too many times I’d been asked if I was interested in arranging a hunt at home in British Columbia while abroad and I couldn’t. I’ve been the client for many years in many countries, and like to think that lets me know what you’re after. You’re a hunter not a tourist. You’re after the experience, the wilds, an excellent animal, adventure, and friends not retail staff.

Well, we’re here to share our home with you, I’ve been fortunate to hunt more than halfway around the world in several directions from my home, and I still haven’t found a wilder place. Conditions can be brutal, the weather vicious, the mountains unrelenting, the bugs persistent, and the bears present in absurd numbers… but we wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the Wild Coast… Welcome!


1-250-321-4700 (Canada)