Coastal Grizzly Hunts



The Flagship Species

Just to the North across the border in Alaska these beasts are referred to as “Browns”, to us here in British Columbia they are Coastal Grizzlies. Rather distinctly different than their inland cousins, these much larger salmon fed, dark bears inhabit the river valleys that course through the North Pacific Great Bear Rainforest. Half of our outfitting territory is a park that doesn’t allow Grizzly hunting, meaning a giant bear nursery lies within our borders, from which the big bears emerge to feed spring and fall to the coast where we hunt. You will hunt below massive mountains that soar straight up out of the green and turquoise ocean and rivers, in the emerald veins of northern cold jungle the bears call home along┬áthe rivers. Expect rain, and lots of it, thick bush beating through alders and devil’s club, and an excellent adventure. Success has held at 100%, this is a great value compared to inland Grizzly hunting as you’re after larger bears, and with more opportunity.

Hunts are typically conducted over the salmon runs in mid September, or spring on the coastal grass, using a small riverboat with a jet drive to climb clear rivers in which you can visibly see the slope like a ramp climbing ahead of you, leading into the rainforest and mountains. Price is $29,500US, plus tag / licence / tax. We can arrange a proper North Coast Safari of multiple species if of interest as well, Mountain Goat, Sitka Blacktail, Black Bear, and Moose are possibilities.