Scout Deals

Our territory is 2,100 square miles or over 1.3 million acres and we are the sole territory owners, meaning no other outfitters. That comes with challenges, but good ones, as I’ll never be able to see and hunt the whole territory in my lifetime. I also need to develop junior guides, people I trust and want to see develop into professionals but they are not there yet on judging trophy quality or customer service nuances. Their outdoors skills are excellent generally having grown up outdoors here, their guiding is fresh however.¬†Under this plan you can hunt with us for a huge discount, cutting out my profit margin but I learn about new areas of the territory through you, and develop my guides. Those are benefits of a different sort for me.

The rate for a 2017 Scout Hunt is $8,450US 1×1 for one billy tag and the hunts are done in August, plus floatplane (averages $1,000 each way). The floatplane cost can be shared if you bring a friend for a 2×1, rate for this style of hunt is $7,450 per hunter. Rate includes everything I can provide, guide, food, gear, etc etc. Not included are your licence ($180), tag ($350), harvest ($350), Hunter Preservation Fund ($200), and 2.5% tax. Style of hunting is backpack, lightweight gear, you need to be in strong¬†physical condition and be prepared for challenging weather conditions on the North Coast, though August is the nicest month we have. Black bear for a $2,950 straight harvest fee second half of August. This is the home of the biggest mountain goats in the world- come and tag yours!


Billy harvested on a 2015 Scout Hunt bottom, and top a Boone & Crockett All Time Book Billy from a 2016 Scout Hunt.


Kevin Schultz Goat 2015