Mountain Goat

Take a peak at the books… Four out of Five of the Boone & Crockett All Time top Mountain Goats call this region we’re smack in the middle of home, the only odd goat out in the five is from just across the border in Alaska, in the same mountain range. This is the place for big billies, the goats are here aplenty and at altitudes lower than inland. We pay for that quality in rainfall, but that is why everything here grows so big.

Come chase your monster on the Wild Coast, hunts are remote and you will not be competing with other hunters, the scenery is unbelievable, and the experience wild and genuine. Hunts are by backpack, and are alpine arrangements so decent physical condition plays a large part in the hunter’s experience. You can bring along a Coastal Black Bear tag for $180, and if you harvest one simply add a $2,950 harvest fee. Options also exist to add Moose for a flat fee of $5,950, and ask about Wolf, and Sitka Blacktail Deer.

Rate for 2017 bookings is $10,950US plus tag / licence / tax, and the floatplane flight that averages $1,000 each way. If you book 2×1 at $8,950 each, you can split the plane cost. The plane gives you access to truly remote territory far from roads and other hunters, as well as doing a bunch of the altitude gaining leg work for you, you’ll land right at the base of the Alpine on the tree line. For late season / big hair hunts from October onwards, add $2,950 due to the logistical challenges of late season weather and extra days. It’s a hell of a hunt and ride, with the most impressive trophies, and we’re up for the challenge if you are.